View manufactures View Dynamic Glass, a new generation of smart windows that let in natural light and views, and enhance mental and physical wellbeing by significantly reducing headaches, eyestrain and drowsiness. In addition, View’s windows reduce glare and heat, improving the energy efficiency of buildings by 20 percent. View’s windows are digital, connected, and can be controlled from anywhere, including your phone – no blinds or shades required. View is the market leader in smart glass, with installations across 30m square feet of buildings in a variety of commercial markets, including corporate offices, healthcare, government, higher education, airports and multifamily residential.

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Humber River Hospital

DFW Airport

Guthrie Cox is President, North America, at View. Guthrie and his colleagues are responsible for View’s revenue growth and value creation for their customers and partners across the continent.

View’s smart glass windows create delightful human environments by letting in natural light and views while enhancing mental and physical well-being and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Before View, Guthrie was CEO of SunCentral. Under his leadership, SunCentral raised financing, expanded its operations to the US and Asia, and experienced 20x growth with significant-tech customer signings. While at SunCentral Guthrie led the development of advanced sun tracking and active daylighting products that distribute daylight throughout buildings. He joined View in 2015 to transform the Canadian market and, in 2019, was promoted to President of North America.

Guthrie embodies the belief that technology should make our lives and our planet better, and has focused his career on building teams that scale new and innovative products to accomplish this goal.

Guthrie has a Masters of Education in Leadership and Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Education in Technology from the University of British Columbia.

Guthrie resides in Silicon Valley, and when not creating innovative and delightful human environments, he can found with his family, in the land of the giants, roaming California’s redwoods.