Western Canada’s Water Treatment leader in energy and water conservation. PACE provides clients with the latest advancements in energy and water treatment services to protect the system metallurgy and enhance the efficiency of heating and cooling water systems.

Through advancements in hydronic heat transfer technology, PACE offers EndoTherm and the PACE Eco Program to help make sustainability affordable. The program is proven to lower energy consumption and emissions from existing water-based HVAC system by 10-15% without changing set-points or equipment. Results are immediate, with no downtime or upfront investment. Applicable to help gain LEED points or improve BOMA Best scorecard.

Our experienced technical service team is trained by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), ensuring our clients are receiving exceptional and knowledgeable service pertaining to their particular water treatment applications.

PACE Chemicals LTD.

EndoTherm – Energy Saving Additive