About the BEIC:
The Building Energy Innovators Council (BEIC), was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of Real Estate and Corporate leaders. This is an industry driven council established to accelerate the collaboration, innovation, and adoption of clean building technologies including energy efficiency and renewable power solutions that will transform the built environment, while developing world class clean tech companies, creating jobs and enabling economic prosperity in a future low carbon era.

Input and Feedback: The Council will provide input to Federal and Provincial Governments and respective utilities related to the types of incentive programs and policies required to increase adoption of new, low carbon building technologies and to increase the rate of building energy efficiency retrofit projects. Further, feedback on programs will be expedited through the monitoring of activity by Council members with their respective clients.

Promotion: The Council will support all utilities and governing bodies to ensure that renewable energy and energy efficiency programs developed are effectively communicated across the industry, and they are adopted by owners and occupiers of real estate.

Best Practice Sharing: The Council will connect into International organizations such as The TIR Consulting Group, USGBC, CaGBC and other global organizations to foster collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Sharing: Council Members will share new technologies and programs that are being developed and will help identify opportunities for piloting and expediting commercialization as well as enhancing solutions through integration with other organizations’ expertise.

Research and Development: The Council will leverage labs and research facilities of respective members to enhance and develop new building solutions through joint initiatives.

Master planning: The BEIC Members will collaborate on key projects supporting the development of eco regions, with input into these economic masterplans, which are customized to leverage the unique characteristics of the region, and creates the foundation for a strategic plan which aligns and optimizes government’s capital investments.

Awareness: The Council website will be used as a means for Members to showcase their innovative solutions and highlight business case results, which will help promote clean technologies, creating awareness and encourage others to adopt these new technologies versus installing new old technologies. (www.beic.ca)

Promotion: The BEIC will work with utilities to understand what new incentive programs are being introduced and timing of same, as well as providing a common location for accessing the links to these specific programs and flagging them for all to be aware of and to facilitate development of economically viable business cases for clients.

Funding: The Council will work with financial service companies and manufacturers to develop innovative funding solutions for owners of buildings to leverage to enable the implementation of energy efficiency retrofits and renewable power and storage solutions.

BEIC Marketing:
A robust, strategic and consistent marketing program will be a core component of the BEIC and an important and high exposure benefit for all members.

The BEIC marketing program will deliver significant exposure to both the BEIC and its valued members through a series of print, digital, social media and special event strategies.

The 2020 marketing program will focus on; Purpose, mandates, activities, upcoming events of the BEIC Member company profiles, links and promotion of new technologies and case studies.

All information will be structured around providing tangible and useable information for real estate owners/operators, architects, contractors, engineers, incentive agencies, governments, associations and the industry at large.

Website – www.BEIC.ca
Conferences and special events
Press releases and PR
Print and digital media via national and regional, real estate industry media products
Social media - @BEICouncil (Twitter)