Canada’s Leading Non-Chemical and Salt-Free Water Treatment Solutions

HydroFLOW Canada, headquartered in Burlington, ON, Canada, is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the innovative, HydroFLOW Water Conditioning systems. Our systems are powered by the globally patented HydroPATH technology. Designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.K, these innovative devices have been distributed throughout the world since 1992, and are now in 80+ countries. It’s been over 30 years since Dr. Danny Stefanini invented the unique HydroPATH technology to treat water for hardness issues, and the world has come a long way in its fight to manage resources more efficiently. Dr. Danny’s vision to replace costly salt and chemical solutions with a more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly method, is now more relevant and urgent than ever. HydroFLOW systems treat all kinds of fluids by inducing a robust yet harmless signal into plumbing systems, and this preventative action significantly reduces energy, chemical, water and maintenance costs which ultimately improves profit and extends the service life of equipment and piping systems further improving ROI for existing equipment while reducing impact on our environment.

Our Solutions Cover a Wide Range Of Residential, Commercial And Industrial Applications

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