Efficiency Nova Scotia

Business Energy Rebates Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers both in-store and mail-in rebates for energy efficient equipment in a business, non-profit or institutional setting. The following products are included: agriculture, lighting, refrigeration, laundry, kitchen, compressed air, central heating and cooling (HVAC), IT and datacenters, motors and variable speed drives (VSDs), water heating, and solar thermal.

Eligibility – Businesses, non-profit or institutional settings. Products installed in common areas of apartment and condo buildings are also eligible for rebates.

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Business Energy Solutions

Efficiency Nova Scotia will upgrade businesses with energy efficient products and cover up to 60% of the cost. One of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s qualified partners will conduct an initial assessment, at no cost, to determine ways to improve energy efficiency within a business.

Eligibility – Not only does the program cover up to 60% of the cost through rebates and incentives, it also offers 24 months interest free financing for projects on the power bill. Conditions apply.

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Commercial and Industrial New Construction Program

Efficiency Nova Scotia provides technical assistance and offers financial incentives to help commercial and industrial (C&I) customers create more energy efficient buildings. It provides advice on new construction projects or major renovations, including: energy efficient product rebates; assistance with energy modeling; and zero interest multi-year financing for remaining project costs.

Funding Available – Receive incentives of up to $500,000 and multi-year financing to lower upfront equipment & labour costs.

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Custom Solutions

Program helps medium and large sized businesses implement electrical energy-saving projects by offering technical assistance, financial incentives and financing to offset the cost of engineering studies, energy efficiency equipment and installation.

Funding Available – Incentive amounts are determined on a project-by-project basis and vary depending on the size of the project, energy-saving effectiveness of the measure, equipment involved and the financial need of the company.

The maximum incentive available for each project is:

– 50% of the cost of a preliminary energy audit/scoping study to a maximum of $1,000
– 50% of eligible project costs to a maximum of $500,000
– on-bill financing for up to 2 years

Feasibility studies are eligible for incentives and are included in the total maximum eligible project amount. Efficiency Nova Scotia will contribute up to 100% of the cost to a maximum of $15,000, in which Efficiency Nova Scotia pays 50% of the incentive amount for feasibility and scoping studies upon receiving the study, and the remaining half of the incentive amount is paid when the project begins.

Eligibility – Eligibility and support is determined on a case-by-case basis. Visit the website for eligibility details.

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Onsite Energy Management Program

Program provides a fully-funded, on-site energy manager to work within a business to help save energy and money.

These specially trained experts will work with staff to:

– improve energy-related activities
– identify and obtain funding and financing opportunities
– plan, implement and evaluate energy saving projects

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Rental Properties & Condo Upgrades

Program provides a service to install energy efficient products.

Funding Available – No cost to property owner or the tenants.

Eligibility – In rental properties with 20 units or more.

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Strategic Energy Management

Organizations will be provided with technical advice, financial incentives and other resources needed to successfully implement Strategic Energy Management (SEM) within their organization.

Through continuous energy performance improvements, SEM has helped organizations:

– reduce energy use by up to 15%;
– achieve greater saving from capital projects; and
– sustain energy and cost savings over the long term.

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