GoSpaces is the first mobile application to bring together facility management, room booking, and employee engagement under the triple bottom line framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – people, planet, profit. From your phone, GoSpaces helps manage everyday tasks – to book meetings, to find a workstation, and to engage with colleagues.

GoSpaces uses gamification to transform your CSR programs into employee challenges, allowing your employees to participate, earn points, level up and earn awards. From these challenges, GoSpaces calculates real results – CO2e offsets, hours contributed, dollars saved – to support your organization’s CSR goals. With GoSpaces, you have the power to change the world at work by challenging each other to think and act sustainably.

Behind the scenes, GoSpaces provides corporate reporting on space utilization, space acceptance, sustainability achievements, employee engagement and facility performance. This allows organizations to understand where and how to invest in their workplace, while building awareness around strategic CSR objectives.

For more information, please visit www.gospacesmobile.com