Geosource Energy was incorporated in 2004 with specific intent to improve delivery of geothermal systems and increase market share for these systems.  We provides complete in-house contracting services for construction of horizontal and vertical geothermal fields. Our company focus is on medium to large geothermal systems with selection of equipment to provide rapid installation of high quality geothermal loop fields.

Our company’s specialty is installation of vertical geothermal fields below mid- and high-rise buildings with over 20 below building geothermal systems completed to-date.  Proprietary techniques have been developed to ensure high quality installation with minimum disruption to construction schedule. Geosource Energy Inc. provides a unique field-tested ‘drilling from surface, tie-in at building subgrade’ approach used in most of these projects.  Geosource Energy Inc. also provides angled (up to 45⁰) geothermal loop installation to depths of 250 m for sites with small surface area access such as retrofits, tie-in restrictions, and high rise buildings.

Geosource Energy continues to play a leadership role with policy makers, suppliers, developers and builders, and designers to reach its goal – geothermal systems become default technology to lower buildings’ energy requirements and emissions.

Paul Frith is the Director of Advocacy & Sales for Geosource Energy Inc., the largest commercial Geothermal drilling firm in Canada.  His role standardly has him working with the large scale developers, home builders and general contractors in the province, helping them learn about geothermal technology and putting it into their buildings.  For the last 2.5 years the majority of his time has been spent working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, representing the Ontario Geothermal Association from a government relations standpoint.  He has been working with Glenn Murray, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, along with their senior staff helping make recommendations around policy and programs for geothermal.  He has also been working with multiple other branches of government, helping people understand the benefits of geothermal from a grid impact and GHG reduction perspective.  Those include the Ministry of Energy and its entities like the IESO and Enbridge, the Premiere’s office, Infrastructure Ontario and many others.

Paul is a graduate of Canadore College’s Recreation Management program, is an avid golfer and sports enthusiast and works with multiple non-profit organizations.  He is the former Co-chair of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Associations Policy Advisory Committee, an organizer of the Toronto Green Drinks event and is very active with the Canada Green Building Council and chairs their annual golf tournament.  He is also on the Centennial College Clean Tech Advisory Council.