Forum Vostro Energy Services Inc. (“FVES”) is a newly formed company that leverages the financial and operating strengths of its two founders, Forum Equity Partners and Atul Mahajan of Vostro Energy Solutions Corporation to develop and build on-site energy resources infrastructure. FVES will build, own and operate a portfolio of sustainable distributed on-site energy generation assets to provide predictable, transparent and low cost energy to commercial and industrial consumers, while also enhancing the resiliency of their operation.

FVES’s state-of-the-art energy solutions are both economically and environmentally sustainable for consumers who are facing energy costs that are growing faster than the pace of inflation. These solutions will enhance resiliency for critical operations of FVES customers at times of extreme weather events. Unlike centralized power generation, distributed on-site energy relies on smaller power-generation systems, which can be installed at homes, businesses, manufacturing sites and communities. FVES’s initial focus, however, will be on large business, industrial and institutional customers with steady need for reliable supply of energy.

Richard Abboud is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 year of experience in the areas of real investment and development, infrastructure development, public private partnerships, power investments, and private equity.

As Founder and CEO of Forum Equity Partners, Mr. Abboud provides strategic direction and oversees the Firm’s balance sheet and investment decisions. Over the last 20 years, the firm has generated investments, developments, divestitures, and fully committed bidding of more than $3 billion. Principal investment activities have yielded a cumulative return on invested capital in the top 1% of alternative asset managers. Today, Forum Equity Partners assets under management are $1.3 billion.

Leveraging the experience and success of Forum Equity Partners, Mr. Abboud recently Cofounded Forum Vostro Energy Services Inc., a distributed energy platform, to develop and build on-site energy assets. These asset investments are customized to clients’ needs for economic and environmental sustainability and enhanced operational resiliency without any associated upfront capital and operating investment from the clients.

Mr. Abboud lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters. He enthusiastically supports the community and has served in numerous not-for-profit board positions. He is an active member of the Young Presidents Organization.