Building Owners & Managers achieve significant energy intensity reductions by adopting new high-performance matting technology.

Canadian owned & operated since 1996, Executive Mat Service has become a world leader in floor matting technology. Our bi-level matting technology outperforms all other matting systems with respect to controlling tracked-in dirt and moisture. An added benefit is our matting is manufactured using 100% recycled water bottles. Over 19 million bottles have been repurposed into our bi-level matting over the past 3 years alone. This represents manufacturing energy savings of over 1 million kWh of electrical energy.

Executive Mat has also designed and Patented new technology for mat cleaning. The system produces excellent cleaning and drying while using less water compared to other mat cleaning systems and is capable of cleaning matting up to 6’ wide by 20’ long. Last year Executive Mat reduced our water consumption by over 45 million liters.

Executive Mat is quickly expanding and will soon offer mat services in all major cities in Canada.

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