DVM Industries is a Turnkey Facility and Energy Solutions Company that specializes in providing services to the Residential, Commercial, Banking, Hospitality and Healthcare markets. Our portfolio of services is customized to meet the client’s needs in energy efficiency, as well as installation, service, maintenance, and post-upgrade care services. We provide achievable solutions and maximum realized savings.

Our company’s name reflects our core business:
·        Detect opportunities or issues within the facility.
·        Verify the solutions that are available.
·        Maximize the facility’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our qualified team of professionals and engineers manage the process, from concept to completion, of designing and self-performing upgrades. Some of our services include LED Lighting, General Maintenance Services, Exterior Services, Electrical, and Plumbing services. DVM has a team in-house, which allows for projects to be done smoothly, while eliminating unnecessary markups from subcontractors. This also allows us to have better control over projects and adapt to situations in the field quickly- delivering projects on time and on budget.

Our team works with the local utilities to secure grants and rebates to offset the capital investment of the Energy Efficiency Projects.

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Main contact person for all BEIC related activities
James Justice
Executive Vice President
O: 212-739-7846 C: 516-633-5953