CircuitMeter technology comprises groundbreaking submetering hardware, integrated with Big Data, cloud based CircuitMonitoring™ software, to create a new state of the art in electrical submetering, analytics & energy management.

Forensic Energy Management™, or Real Time Energy Management, represents a major step forward in comparison with current technology and practices. The CircuitMeter platform  uses low cost, real time, circuit level submetering and advanced energy analytic software to enable the economic generation and analysis of granular energy usage in large buildings & facilities. CircuitMonitoring™ is an enterprise solution designed to handle portfolios of buildings and/or industrial facilities, while providing individual equipment level data.

CircuitMeter technology is disruptively lower in cost than in-market industrial or commercial submetering platforms, with features and functionality in its software that stand alone in the industry.  The lower cost per circuit allows for widespread deployment across a facility’s power distribution system, enabling greater insight to identify waste, lower costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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