Enercare team installing sub-meters on-site at Yonge and Eglinton

A study commissioned by Enercare Connections and independently carried out by Navigant Consulting has revealed the potential benefits of electricity submetering to be far reaching, including notable reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and infrastructure costs.


Navigant analyzed monthly consumption data provided by Enercare for 1,500 non-electrically heated units in 47 multi-residential buildings in Ontario to determine the impact of switching from bulk metering to sub-metering. Based on this data, the switch from sub-metering leads to a 139 kWh per unit decrease in monthly electricity usage in the first year, representing a 40% reduction, on average.

About the technology
The benefits of sub-metering for landlords and property managers are equally significant. Because sub-metering technology measures and bills electricity, water and thermal consumption directly to individual suites, residents are put in control of their own utility bills. Navigant notes this price signal is responsible for the reduction of in-suite energy costs, which can be unpredictable and typically make up 60%2 of a building’s total consumption.
Navigant concluded that if sub-metering were to be implemented in every eligible multi-residential building in Ontario, the result would be $1.2 billion in avoided costs related to generating, transmitting and delivering incremental amounts of electricity over a 20 year period.


"Sub-metering allows landlords and property managers to transform their buildings into efficient and high performing assets with no up-front capital investment."

- John Piercy, President, Enercare Connections


1 TWH in Energy Savings

158 MW Reduction in Peak Summer Demand

About Enercare Connections

For more information about Enercare Connections, please visit www.enercare.ca/commercial/turnkey-sub-metering-solutions

Unlike other energy conservation mechanisms, sub-metering from Enercare Connections involves no upfront capital costs for construction developers, landlords or residents, allowing for savings to be reallocated into other priorities. Enercare use only the highest standard of hardware, submeters such as from Enercare’s Triacta division and renowned Swiss manufacturer, GWF MessSysteme AG. Furthermore, all metering, billing, and customer service matters with residents are managed under one roof, resulting in less administration for property managers.

1. Savings calculated by applying Enercare analysis to Navigant study findings. Rental building savings calculation assumes that 40% of residents are in sub-metered suites. On average, Enercare Connections sub-metering program penetration in a rental apartment starts at 16% in the first year and increases to over 40% after 8 years.

2. Unit consumption percentage based on Enercare Connections data.

3. Energy savings equivalency calculated using U.S. Environment Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator, epa.gov/energy