“As a true net-zero project, we require an electric HVAC system that is extremely efficient and allows us to meet our sustainability targets.”

- Toby Stolee,
Director of Housing Operations at Sifton Properties

The Challenge
West 5 is a 70-acre, fully sustainable mixed-use development under construction in London, Ontario with a vision for 100% energy eciency. Featuring commercial spaces, townhomes, condos, apartments, retirement residences, interconnected walkways, trails and open green spaces, the community has something for everyone.

Developed by Sifton Properties, West 5 is designed to generate all the energy it uses and is being built on an energy-producing smart grid. For phase 2 of the residential townhome construction, which took place between 2019 and 2020, all units were being built to the specifications of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Net-Zero Labelling Program.

Because there would be no natural gas as it’s a less efficient energy source, the townhomes required an electric HVAC
system that was extremely efficient even in extreme-cold Canadian temperatures. Other considerations were integrated controls and quiet operation since the units’ amenity areas like decks and patios are quite close together.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Mitsubishi Electric. This project used some of the easiest equipment we’ve installed – the setup was simple and we haven’t had any issues with the heat pump kicking in, even in extreme freezing temperatures. Event tech support has been great, always answering our questions promptly and talking us through whatever we needed.”

— Brent Weber, Air Conditioning Mechanic & Supervisor,
Design Heating Systems Inc.

The Solution
This net-zero project posed challenges that would not be satisfied by traditional heating systems, so a Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system was selected. It was an upgrade from the system used in the first phase of the townhome project from another supplier, which was an electric furnace with a split cooling coil and condenser.

“The previous product proved not to be a true cold climate heat pump and was inefficient in the winter. It wasn’t reliable and required a lot of servicing right from the start,” explains Toby Stolee, Director of Housing Operations at Sifton.

This meant that cold climate performance was top of mind for Sifton when selecting an HVAC solution for phase 2.

Part of the Zuba family of Mitsubishi Electric products, the centrally ducted cold climate air source heat pump system chosen features 100% output at -15°C, which is substantially better than previous product in phase 1.

The Results
The Mitsubishi Electric HVAC system is extremely energy efficient, allowing Sifton to meet their net-zero certification goals.

Stolee confirms that the townhome units from phase 2 are more energy ecient than those from phase 1, which he attributes to the change to Mitsubishi Electric HVAC equipment. The developer has also had very good feedback from the end-users in terms of comfort and quiet operation.

“Builders like Sifton are leading the way in designing, developing and constructing communities that are more energy efficient than typical code-built homes, providing a healthier environment and lowering Ontario’s overall carbon footprint,” says Shannon Bertuzzi, Vice President of Market Development at EnerQuality, the #1 certifier of energy-efficient housing in Canada and the market leader in residential green building programs.

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