ATB Financial (“ATB”) is the largest Alberta-based financial institution, employing more than 5,500 team members who love to serve ATB’s 760,000+ customers in 247 Alberta communities.

ATB partnered with Eco-Growth Environmental in 2017 to reduce costs and GHG emissions associated with their Calgary Campus building operations in NE Calgary. The Campus location is over 200,000 sq.ft., with three floors housing over 1000 employees.

Eco-Growth technologies installed includes the Green Eco-Health hand towels in all washrooms and the EGOR500 waste conversion technology in the basement boiler room. Organic wastes from various on-site food service providers are collected daily and processed in the EGOR500. Daily waste averaged 500 lbs. per day.

Through waste diversion and use of clean biomass energy, ATB did significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Calgary Campus!

A Winning Partnership

• Project delivered operating cost savings from the start. There was no government support for this Green-Tech project.
• Used Green Eco-Health hand towels were collected and sent to the local Executive Mat Service laundry facility as clean-burning fuel for their Eco-Growth biomass boiler.
• Significantly reduced carbon footprint for Calgary Campus through waste diversion and the use of clean biomass energy.

What’s Next?

Eco-Growth has partnered with Red Deer College to provide curriculum-based training for Eco-Growth technologies.

"Corporately ATB Financial has chosen to take a leadership role in the movement towards the low carbon economy. Working with Eco-Growth to perfect their waste-diversion technology has produced positive results for both ATB and Eco-growth."

- Craig Smith, ATB Financial

Say Hello to EGORTM

This technology utilizes a proprietary method to efficiently remove moisture from waste streams and convert to a uniform sized material which ideal for use as a biofuel.

Eco-Growth also produces a line of hot water boilers which are designed to operate using biomass fuels.

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