Photo of the Desjardins Group and Colliers International team at 95 St Clair


Peak Power’s Building Insight Platform (BIP) helps 95 St. Clair Avenue West, a 50-year-old commercial office building in Toronto, earn recognition as an elite, environmentally responsible building. BIP provides its clients with actionable insights through a desktop portal and mobile app, derived from its signature predictive analytics and IoT sensors.


Colliers International, managers of 95 St. Clair, have pursued the Platinum BOMA BEST certification with its client the Desjardins Group for a little over one year through equipment retrofits and renewable energy sources. While these investments increased the potential for greater efficiency, Platinum Certification required a solution that would optimize its energy management with tenant comfort.

About the technology
The BIP system includes an energy and tenant comfort dashboard, provided to building operators and managers through a web portal and mobile app. Fully independent wireless sensors are installed to capture tenant comfort and building occupancy, while additional sensors are added to utility meters and major building equipment. With BIP, building performance and tenant comfort are easily visualized, revealing new energy management insights.
BIP software is designed entirely around the user experience, offering intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to greatly simplify historic and real-time studies. Powered by Peak Power’s signature Synergy analytics, BIP also provides predictive forecasting, and facilitates participation in peak shaving, demand reduction, and wholesale market initiatives. The automated reports feature was designed with input from operators and managers to provide periodic summaries to track cumulative performance and to identify new energy saving opportunities.

The team at 95 St Clair use BIP to optimize HVAC equipment schedules with building occupancy trends, while balancing tenant comfort with greater capability of matching ASHRAE climate targets. Most importantly, they also saved hours of data processing with the automated reports feature, highlighting performance and goal-tracking progress.

BIP system pricing begins at $20,000 annually and scales with client needs. The latest version of the web portal and mobile app software, customer support, operation and maintenance are also included to ensure the client can focus on using the system instead of managing it. An estimated 25-30% of the total annual cost of the BIP system is eligible for rebate incentives from the client’s local energy provider after a year of performance data is provided.

"Peak Power’s BIP system is a unique solution that addresses the key areas in building services. The BIP platform provides new visibility into tenant comfort, equipment operations, and building efficiency, while also offering predictive analytics, a new technology to the CRE industry. The non-intrusive installation process, intuitive mobile app, and modular sensor packages produce an affordable, scalable solution that operators enjoy and managers value."

~ Phillip Raffi, National Energy & Sustainability Manager, Colliers International


Up to 925 MWh, or 3.70 kWh/sq. ft. per year


About Peak Power
Shows that the customer will be willing to participate again, the customer is already looking into other projects to implement, the customer is endorsing the program and giving recommendations to other similar businesses.

Peak Power’s BIP system is a cost-effective solution for commercial real estate buildings seeking actionable insights for energy management and tenant comfort. Its ability to deploy in weeks and scalability provide custom solutions for clients seeking high impact results.