The Largest Operational Multi-Unit Residential Development Using P-Series Products in North America

“It’s great that Jayman BUILT understands the importance of energy effciency and putting more emphasis on the comfort of their customer, leading the way in the industry. A lot of other developers aren’t doing that – just going with the lowest priced option. They bought a very premium product and they are doing their customers a great service.”

Mark Diaz, Project Manager and Technical
Sales Representative for Klass Mechanical

The Challenge
Westman Village is a new development by Jayman BUILT located in the community of Mahogany in Calgary, Alberta. The
development is directly backing onto Mahogany Lake.The project thoughtfully weaves convenience, diversity and accessibility into an all-inclusive suburban community concept.

Redefining the way new homes are built, bought and lived in, the carefully designed community includes condominiums,
townhomes, seniors’ residences and long-term leasing condos. The five dierent product types feature desirable amenities, connectivity and concierge services. Owner possession of these luxury homes is ongoing into 2019.

Dennis Aucoin, the Senior Development Manager for Westman Village, explains that many of the prospective new residents and homeowners would be downsizing. To oer them an attractive product, the units and buildings had to create a seamless transition, with top-quality products that would meet high expectations. This includes everything from the finishes to the heating and air conditioning units. The heating and cooling units also had to be energy efficient, as
Jayman BUILT prides itself on green construction, being the first builder in Alberta to have solar panels as standard on all their new homes.

“We were attracted to the Mitsubishi Electric brand because we consider it the Cadillac of heating and cooling units.”

Dennis Aucoin, Senior Development
Manager/Senior Project Manager,
Westman Village, Jayman BUILT

7 six-storey building, 9 luxury townhome buildings

To provide a livable space with a decentralized cooling system that could deliver on key selection criteria.

Selection Criteria:
Energy eciency
Quiet outdoor unit
Seamless integration with in-floor heating
Proven performance in harsh environments
Low maintenance

Design/Engineering Solution:
Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor unit models:
PUY - A*NHA7/NKA7 - 683
PUMY - P*NKMU - 18
MXZ - 8C48NA/NAHZ - 57
MUZ - FE12NAH - 1

Mitsubishi Electric Indoor unit models:

MSZ-FE12NA-8 – 1
Multi- Position Air Handler:
MVZ-A*AA4 – 2
PVA-A*AA7 – 649
Ceiling Concealed:
PEAD-A*AA7- 19

Occupation ongoing, but early positive results
Media coverage in Calgary Herald


The Solution
This project is Mitsubishi Electric’s largest Canadian multi-unit residential development. Mitsubishi Electric individual split and centralized VRF systems were chosen thanks to their efficiency and reputation. Their whisper-quiet sound was also a deciding factor, as the units emit about half the noise of a regular unit in a house. The slim, suitcase-style units were perfect for more compact living spaces. Ease of maintenance was also a deciding factor.

Furthermore, the Mitsubishi Electric units are all about consumer comfort and use unique design and engineering solutions to deliver it. Typically, a normal air conditioner runs on full blast, cooling the entire space then shutting off. But these units are built to get to a certain temperature and maintain it, which allows for lower energy use and improved comfort.

The Results
Owner and resident possession of the units is ongoing, but early reviews have been positive, with the unique community development garnering media attention, including in the Calgary Herald.

“For us getting into leased seniors and rentals, we wanted a product that was going to be somewhat maintenance free and last the test of time. From what we’ve heard, these units hold up. We did our research,”

Dennis Aucoin, Senior Development
Manager/Senior Project Manager,
Westman Village, Jayman BUILT


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