There are many townhome communities out there similar to Trinity Glen with existing electric heating, gobbling up those expensive kW-hours. You want a product that is going to deliver maximum savings with minimum electrical consumption, and for that you need a heat pump that gives you the most heat at the lowest temperatures. For this project, Mitsubishi’s Zuba-Multi system was the natural choice.

The Challenge
Trinity Glen is a co-operative housing complex located in the town of Newmarket, Ontario. Built in the late 1980s, its original heating source was electric baseboard heating, which is a very costly method of heating.

Trinity Glen needed a modern, energy-efficient heating solution that would be easy for residents to use daily and cost-effective to run and install. When Trinity Glen received a government grant to upgrade the complex’s infrastructure, they requested quotes and proposals from three companies.

The Solution
Leslie Adams, Trinity Glen’s property manager, confirms that of the three companies that submitted proposals, Canco ClimateCare came back with the best bid using Mitsubishi Electric products. “Because there was a cap on the funding, we became very innovative to create some savings to cover all the homes,” explains Bob McKeraghan, President of Canco ClimateCare and the Contractor for the project. The selected product was the Mitsubishi Electric Zuba-Multi system, a solution that provided efficient heating and air conditioning, which the homes never had before. Plus, Mitsubishi Electric products have a lifecycle of over 20 years with minimal maintenance. Tom Melanson, of Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and the territory distributor of the product, describes the product: “The previous costly baseboard heating, combined with the absence of air conditioning, made our Zuba-Multi low-temperature systems an attractive choice for heating and cooling. Mitsubishi was chosen because the system performed the best at low temperatures, efficiently generating a high amount of heat in temperatures as low as -27C.” The Zuba-Multi heat pumps provide up to 80% of their rated capacity at -25C, meaning residents would have little or no reason to turn on their baseboard heating, saving money from day one.

The Results
“The overall consensus is that everybody is very pleased with the new system, especially the air conditioning portion,” shares Adams. She says the feedback from the tenants is that their heating bills have dropped with the new installation.“ The results were amazing, and even exceeded expectations in savings on the heating side with a 50% reduction on average, varying slightly depending on family size,” says McKeraghan. Each system is individually metered, allowing for further savings analysis versus the previous baseboard systems.

Aesthetically, the units also blended well into the sightlines of the building, so that driving by you would not know there were any installations done. Still, the key benefit of the new install and heating system is the everyday savings it will bring to residents.


800-1200 square feet/unit

The housing complex needed an energy-efficient, modern upgrade to their existing heating solution – electric baseboards.

• Energy efficiency
• Cost-effective up-front and in the long run
• Optimal performance at below freezing temperatures
• Air conditioning included

Mitsubishi Electric Outdoor unit models:
• 55 x MXZ-3C24NAHZ-U1
• 37 x MXZ-3C30NAHZ-U1

• 173 x MSZ-GE06NA
• 11 x MSZ-GE09NA
• 76 x MSZ-GE12NA
• 30 x MSZ-GE15NA
• All infra-red remotes

• 50% reduction on heating bills, on average
• Energy-efficient models provided lower heating costs with a bonus of air conditioning
• Seamless integration of models into homes
• Back up heat not required

“The lowest common denominator pricewise can be ok in some cases, but when you’re choosing this kind of product you really want a company that has been doing R&D for years and are gliding along with a product that is perfect.”

— Bob McKeraghan, Contractor, Canco ClimateCare

“Mitsubishi has such a good track record with reliability and performance, so I would have to be pried away to go somewhere else.”

— Bob McKeraghan, Contractor, Canco ClimateCare

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