Westman Village is Calgary’s first resort style lakefront community. The 5.5 hectare community includes a 40,000 ft 2 Amenities Centre along with numerous retail shops and services.

The one thing most people take for granted is the lowly floor mat when entering a building. Considered essential protective equipment, floor matting traps dirt and moisture that would otherwise become a slip and fall hazard.

Proper maintenance of floor matting involves regular cleaning and sanitizing which comes with a significant carbon footprint.

Westman Village contracted Executive Mat Service to install its line of Legacy floor matting in key area throughout the expansive complex.

Westman Village also installed an Eco Growth food waste dehydrator to convert wet food wastes from restaurants within the complex. Once fully dehydrated the food wastes become the feedstock for Executive Mat Service’s Energy Recovery powerplant.

Executive Mat Service operates a network of Carbon Negative processing plants across Canada. Using patented cleaning technology and emissions neutral power plant, Executive Mat Service is able to deliver floor matting services with a carbon intensity 90% lower than industry standards.


Improve floor safety and cleanliness in key high traffic areas throughout the community.


Installation of Eco Growth on site dehydrator system to convert wet solid wastes to usable feedstock to power clean energy power plant.

GHG emission reductions were net 70,000 lbs. CO 2 associated with landfill methane avoidance and 45,000 lbs. CO 2 associated with carbon intensity associated with maintaining floor matting equipment.

Total annual GHG emission reduction is 115,000 lbs. per annum.

circular process

"Incremental carbon intensity improvements across the Supply Chain will provide Canada the best opportunity to achieve our global commitment to Climate Change".

Executive Mat Service operates the world’s only Carbon Negative industrial mat cleaning business.