Thanks to its 400 technicians, estimators and technical advisors, Carmichael maintains an unrivaled national leadership position in thermal system technologies. Established in 1922, the company now boasts 21 service centres across Canada. Carmichael specialists understand your business and can meet your thermal system needs, from preventative maintenance, diagnostic and repair, to design and installation. Our versatility enables us to adapt solutions to a variety of thermal applications in diverse industries and business environments.

For four generations, Carmichael has nurtured passionate engineers, technicians, systems designers and technical advisors who are dedicated to excellence. Our thoroughly experienced and multi-technical team can attain your thermal objectives and respect your constraints with ease and efficiency. Our collective goal is to support our valued clients with the very best in maintenance, design and installation.

Carmichael incorporates principles of sustainability and environmentally friendly business practices to help ensure a clean and flourishing environment for future generations.