CARMA Industries Inc. is a Canada-Wide Utilities Submeter Manufacturer and Turnkey Utilities Monitoring and Sustainability Provider.  CARMA Technology Innovations offer Automated Real-time Utilities Alert / Alarm Notification of above normal utilities usage and streamlined BACnet or Modbus Direct Interface to Customers’ Building Automation Systems.  CARMA provides Project-specific Technology Connectivity that is Future-proofed in an ever-expanding throw-away society.

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Rick Williams has enjoyed over fifty (50) years of continued employment. Full-time employment in 1965 with Johnson Controls Ltd., Rick grew as Johnson Controls expanded its Building Services Business across Canada.

Building Controls Services grew into full Building Mechanical Systems Services and then full Building Operations Services. All of this growth lead to a new business know as Outsourced Facility Management Services.

Rick led the development of a Partnership Company, Royal LePage Facility Management Service, which was formed jointly between Johnson Controls and Royal LePage.

Royal LePage Facility Management Services is now Brookfield GIS.

In 1998, Rick Williams and his new business partner acquired CARMA Industries Inc. Over the past twenty (20) years, CARMA Industries expanded across Canada and established a Billing Services business.

CARMA Industries Inc. provides Utilities Submetering Systems to a full spectrum of Properties, Canada-wide. Major Energy Retrofit Projects and LEED certification relies on accurate utilities data collection and reporting. Many Customers confirm a CARMA Submetering System pays for itself within one (1) – two (2) years. As market demand expands, CARMA is well positioned to support the specific needs of existing and new Environmentally-conscious Customers.